Taali Talk, eh? Tell me about it.

Hey, you.

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc you know: It’s just not quite the place for me. I’m a long winded joke making Jewess of a human.

I thought to myself very spontaneously on a Sunday morning, “I should just start emailing things.”

This has grown into a very beautiful community. Some weeks we talk about baking, which I amateur-ly do a lot of. Some weeks we talk about songwriting, which I professionally do a lot of. Most weeks we talk a bit of Jewish, which I live a lot of. For serious: If you like seltzer, this is the substack for you.

There will be jokes. There will be tears sometimes. And so far I’ve kept up with it every week for over a year and a half, which I’m shocked/impressed/excited about.

Why should I subscribe?

Because it’s fun to get an email that’s not (1) a guilt trip from your family (2) a stressful work request (3) a coy millennial speak email from a shoe company about why you need their new flat, that’s why. I pledge solemnly to never write you anything click bait-y. Just straight from the hip, and always titled ___, ___, etc. Every Sunday. When you subscribe, that’ll pepper your inbox alongside the aforementioned unavoidable ones.

Taali Talk literally!? Tell me MORE.

Yes, my love, we’re taking taalitalk to the literal audiosphere. Everyone at the $5/month tier and above will get the ttalk + applicable audio and a monthly postcard. Samples of future work and other fun things will be included!


Grammy nominated dumpling enthusiast.